The FET-C Vision Option adds a fully integrated vision inspection station to the FET-C series machines. Part orientation, pin spacing, pin straightness, pin twist and feature detection may be provided in one location with a programmable machine vision station and LED illuminator.

The software application provided with the FET-CV gives the user maximum flexibility. A test parameters file allows the user to enable or disable the vision testing based on each individual part number. The separate vision application may be programmed for the specific type of test required for each individual part type. Test results for all testing, including vision analysis, are archived automatically. All defective parts are removed from the conveyor into user assignable reject bins. The operator console provides a display of real time information and statistics.

The vision option is a fully integrated industrial camera system on the FET-C. This high speed station may be specified with PLC (discrete I/O) or computer (Ethernet) interface for different requirements. A separate image monitor is provided for real-time image display during alignment or operation.

The FET-C Vision Option provides:

  • Fully automated testing
  • High resolution camera
  • Extended depth of field
  • Adjustable illuminator
  • Very high reliability

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