Test Automation

The Quality of Santa Barbara Automation products have been proven over years of successful production line use. We can support your requirements, whether for small, low-volume test and assembly machines, or for larger, fully automated equipment.

Smaller, lower cost, and manually-loaded machines may be perfect to prove a new product or while ramping to higher production rates and greater market penetration. Our experience and wide range of expertise can help you to be successful by delivering quality, reliable equipment.

Higher production demands may force more efficient operation, dictating automatic assembly and test operations. Even automatic processing may not be adequate to achieve the lowest delivered cost, as feedback from assembly and test equipment must be used to maintain your manufacturing process at the point of highest yield. Our automation equipment provides a complete database of assembly and testing parameters and statistics accessible over Ethernet for this purpose. We design and build systems that cover a range of smaller to large, specific to general purpose. All equipment is designed to be reliable, easy to use and maintainable. We build quality equipment.

The FET-C Final Electrical Test station is the baseline model for the C series of automated production line test stations.

The FET-C Vision Option adds a fully integrated vision inspection station to the FET-C series machines.

The FET-C X-ray Option adds a fully integrated x-ray inspection station to the FET-C series machines.

The Santa Barbara Automation Model FET-16 is a manually loaded and unloaded final electrical test machine with intermediate production rates.

The Santa Barbara Automation FET-20 provides high throughput (up to 2900 parts per hour) aerospace and automotive initiator testing.

Designed as a low cost, versatile assembly or test platform, this very small (45x22x24) machine provides astounding precision and features in a desktop format.

The Santa Barbara Automation Electrostatic Discharge Test System is a fully automated instrument that will lower your testing time and cost, reduce operator error and increase overall test confidence.

The Santa Barbara Automation Model SA Automatic Sealant Applicator provides high speed part handling, fluid dispensing and cassette load on a single small frame at rates to 1800 parts per hour.

The Santa Barbara Automation Model LM-B Laser Marker provides unattended high speed part loading and processing, precision laser marking and offload to a finished parts bin on a single small frame at rates to 1800 parts per hour.