The Santa Barbara Automation Electrostatic Discharge Test System is a fully automated instrument that will lower your testing time and cost, reduce operator error and increase overall test confidence. Rugged 3/4 inch acrylic enclosure with massive door latch, chamber vent and safety interlock. PLC controlled with full maintenance mode included and optional PC interface. Tooling may be exchanged for different part types quickly and easily

Adjustable test voltages from 0 to 30KV.

Test capacitance and series resistance are on 5-way binding posts for easy exchange based on test requirements.

Select + high voltage, high voltage return or no connection individually for each of 5 outputs to the part under test. Easily change polarity with the unique 3-position binary switch.

Programmable test sequence including dwell times for each part to be tested. Allen Bradley PLC based control system avoids obsolescence.

Test 2-pin, 3-pin or 4-pin initiators with separate pin and body connections.

Simple to use – select the test number with a front panel rotary switch, load the part and press Test Start.

Removable tooling for initiators to allow testing of different part types.

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