4-Wire Interface Circuit Boards

4-Wire Interface Circuit Boards

These wire-lead circuit boards have gold-plated pads for probing in a single position regardless of part size or lead length. Individual contacts for each position provide redundant contact to each wire for production-line proven reliability. Each contact is manufactured from beryllium copper and is plated with heavy silver over nickel for reliable connection to the part under test.

The large circuit board traces maintain full 4-wire (Kelvin) connections to the leadwire. Circuit boards and contacts are designed to test 20 parts, but may be modified for your requirements.

Use these interface boards to measure 4-wire resistance, Thermal Transient, impedance and insulation resistance – or any test requiring full Kelvin connections to the part.

A close-fitting cover placed over the contacts protects against damage and debris, and acts as a guide for inserting the wires into the proper positions.

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