2-Wire Multiplexer and High Voltage Source

2-Wire Multiplexer and High Voltage Source

This is a compact circuit board that may be used to for 2-wire resistance test, voltage and current measurement and insulation resistance test.

Either of 2 parts may be selected for 2-wire resistance test using PLC compatible input signals (+24VDC). The selected part is connected to an external multimeter for measurement. Two other PLC compatible inputs select high voltage enable and direct/10 megohm series resistance for insulation resistance (hi pot) testing. Diagnostic LED indicators clearly show the status of the board.

  • Resistance, voltage, current and insulation resistance test
  • Two external inputs with select
  • External multimeter used for measurement
  • Internal isolated DC source for +50VDC to +500VDC
  • High voltage enable and direct/10 Meg series select
  • Manual adjustment for high voltage output
  • LCD display with backlight for high voltage
  • Diagnostic LED indicators for all inputs
  • Transient protection/noise suppression circuitry included
  • Fuse protection provided for +24/+500V power supplies

Santa Barbara Automation delivers this board assembled, with schematics, calibration data and traceable certifications.

Downloads (PDF)