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Details of Accessories

Santa Barbara Automation has designed and built custom equipment for the military, automotive, medical and semiconductor industries for the past 25 years. During this time we have assembled a wide range of support accessories for production test. These include many specialized and unique items that we now provide separately, either as standard products or customized for your application. Each circuit board, contact or module has been proven in actual production use, and many still operate on production lines around the world.

If your requirement is for production testing we can help. Please contact us if you do not find an exact match for your needs.


This is a compact circuit board that may be used to for 2-wire resistance test, voltage and current measurement and insulation resistance test.

Either of 2 parts may be selected for 2-wire resistance test using PLC compatible input signals (+24VDC). The selected part is connected to an external multimeter for measurement. Two other PLC compatible inputs select high voltage enable and direct/10 megohm series resistance for insulation resistance (hi pot) testing. Diagnostic LED indicators clearly show the status of the board.

  • Resistance, voltage, current and insulation resistance test
  • Two external inputs with select
  • External multimeter used for measurement
  • Internal isolated DC source for +50VDC to +500VDC
  • High voltage enable and direct/10 Meg series select
  • Manual adjustment for high voltage output
  • LCD display with backlight for high voltage
  • Diagnostic LED indicators for all inputs
  • Transient protection/noise supression circuitry included
  • Fuse protection provided for +24/+500V power supplies

Santa Barbara Automation delivers this board assembled, with schematics, calibration data and traceable certifications.


This microcontroller-based circuit board may be used as a complete stand-alone test controller. It is designed to safely perform a series of precision resistance tests while monitoring interlocks and other inputs and controlling door closures and air valves. Simple, easy to understand discrete logic is used, with extensive transient protection and noise reduction circuitry.

The Resistance Test board may be programmed to suit your requirements, whether as a precision resistance test system, or as a flexible, general purpose control board.

  • Precise current source with 1mA/10mA select
  • Instrumentation amplifier with gain select = 1/100
  • LCD driver built-in for 2×16 display with backlight
  • Motorola 68HC711E20 microcontroller
  • RS232 Interface
  • Output (250mA) for DC motor drive with reverse
  • Piezo speaker on-board
  • Internal reference resistance for test verification
  • Two 4-Wire inputs with selector
  • 11 general purpose sinking outputs
  • 3 general purpose logic inputs/outputs
  • Interlock and test start inputs
  • Interlock disconnects all resistance test outputs
  • 8 general purpose sinking inputs
  • Diagnostic LED indicators
  • Four position option switch
  • Fuse protection provided on all power supplies

Santa Barbara Automation delivers this board assembled, with schematics, calibration data and traceable certifications.


Used for production testing applications requiring switching of signals from parts under test to instrumentation for high precision, high speed resistance, Thermal Transient and insulation resistance test. This circuit board maintains full 4-wire connections from the part under test to the instrumentation. Either of two input channels may be selected for test.

A third channel is provided for a piggyback single channel test certification board (see Measurement Verification – single channel). This unique board will quickly produce calibrated, traceable measurements for resistance, Thermal Transient and insulation resistance, confirming the ability of the equipment to accurately test production parts.

When used with a vision system for part orientation detection, the applied polarity for resistance and Thermal Transient test may be selected, reducing small errors caused by thermocouple effects.

  • Simple logic inputs for test control
  • No clocked circuitry for lowest possible noise
  • Three channel multiplexer with logic select
  • Full 4-wire connections to the test parts
  • Two high voltage outputs for insulation resistance test
  • External instruments used for measurement
  • External DC source for up to +500VDC hi pot test
  • High voltage enable and individual direct/10 Meg series select
  • Diagnostic LED indicators for all test types
  • Transient protection/noise supression circuitry for logic
  • Fuse protection provided for +5/+12/+500V power supplies

Santa Barbara Automation delivers this board assembled, with schematics and interface information.


These wire-lead circuit boards have gold-plated pads for probing in a single position regardless of part size or lead length. Individual contacts for each position provide redundant contact to each wire for production-line proven reliability. Each contact is manufactured from beryllium copper and is plated with heavy silver over nickel for reliable connection to the part under test.

The large circuit board traces maintain full 4-wire (Kelvin) connections to the leadwire. Circuit boards and contacts are designed to test 20 parts, but may be modified for your requirements.

Use these interface boards to measure 4-wire resistance, Thermal Transient, impedance and insulation resistance – or any test requiring full Kelvin connections to the part.


A close-fitting cover placed over the contacts protects against damage and debris, and acts as a guide for inserting the wires into the proper positions.


We offer several varieties of rugged wire lead Kelvin connectors for production or laboratory use.


These products are designed to work in the most demanding environments. They are not fragile and will continue to give accurate results when other connectors fail.