Santa Barbara Automation is a full spectrum engineering and manufacturing firm with electrical, electronic, mechanical and software capabilities. Started in 1978 as Design Consultants and renamed in 2003 to Santa Barbara Automation, we have provided industrial automation to the aerospace, automotive, medical and semiconductor industries. Our premier automated test and manufacturing systems presently operate on 3 continents, typically run 24 hours per day and 7 days per week at rates up to 50,000 parts per day. Our equipment is extremely reliable. Every piece of equipment ever manufactured by Santa Barbara Automation continues to operate properly and profitably to this day.


Test Automation: Operate With Confidence

Automatic Test StationSanta Barbara Automation manufactures and supports a variety of fully automated production test systems for industrial applications. These systems are typically employed to conduct critical final tests of high-liability manufactured items, where field failures are simply intolerable. Equipment uptime, high product throughput and test confidence are paramount virtues for these systems... values that we understand and deliver.

For high volume manufacturing that demands strict compliance to tight specifications, our customers have turned to us time and again to provide custom and semi-custom solutions for their most demanding problems, and we have consistently justified their faith with the delivery of world-class, fully-automated production line test systems.

Equipment Integration: Making it all work

System IntegrationSanta Barbara Automation provides equipment integration services for customers who wish to procure or specify their own components for installation into a larger production line. Integrating multiple instruments from various manufacturers into a seamless and smoothly operating line requires extensive experience. This task may be best suited for outside engineering support and a multidisciplined staff. 

We build long-term relationships with our customers, starting with the initial project definition and continuing through delivery, installation and after-sales support. Our excellent training and documentation will further reduce the operating cost of your equipment over extended time periods.

Industrial X-Ray: Production and Research

Industrial and research x-raySanta Barbara Automation also manufactures complete x-ray inspection and test solutions for production, industrial and research applications. These systems range from stand-alone designs to high capacity production test equipment. We specialize in unique and very compact cabinet design with complete shielding and integral shutter mechanisms for real-time imaging with high resolution.

Our modular design methods can safely minimize your facilities space requirements and extend x-ray component life, increasing system reliability and reducing maintenance. We can provide you with complete packages, fully assembled and tested with survey data.

Test Instruments: Measurement and Verification

Thermal Transient TesterSanta Barbara Automation manufactures and provides a variety of smaller "stand alone" systems and instruments, for use in environments that do not require production line automation. These instruments are employed in diverse ways, including diagnostics of manufacturing processes that are difficult to control, independent QC/QA testing to confirm manufacturing confidence, and fundamental testing for purposes of R&D and/or basic scientific research. We also provide Test Certification Modules to verify the proper operation of production test equipment and to avoid problems created by instrument failure or drift.

Our latest version of thermal transient test software is now available for download. Please see the downloads page for Thermal 2016.

Technical Solutions: Meeting the Challenges

Custom electronicsSanta Barbara Automation often supplies independent design services to customers who do not possess the technical talent or resources to address new manufacturing challenges. Explosive growth, diminishing margins, or rapidly evolving technologies can pose serious threats to any company's future. Embracing new technologies to solve major manufacturing problems can be a daunting task, filled with hazards and pitfalls. In such situations, technical services provided by Santa Barbara Automation can make the difference between success and failure. Our particular expertise in Thermal Transient Testing, industrial X-ray examination, etc. allows us to develop sophisticated solutions for your problems, giving our customers the confidence of achieving successful results.

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